A student-centered research institution, The University of Alabama College of Engineering strives for you to be successful inside and outside the classroom and long after you have graduated. Our degree offerings, programs and activities are designed with the student in focus. Engineering Student Services is here to assist you.

The best place to get information and questions answered about your studies in the College of Engineering is through an advisor. All students in the College must meet with their academic advisor before registering for classes. Schedule an appointment, find your advisor or learn more about the Academic Advising Center.

As a part of The University of Alabama’s Plan for a Return to Full Operations this fall, course delivery methods for some courses have changed to align with physical distancing guidelines. See below for an explanation of instructional method types, and for further questions visit https://healthinfo.ua.edu/student-faqs/.

Fall 2020 Instructional Methods

What is a face-to-face course (FA)?

These courses are taught in a classroom, face-to-face with your instructor.

What is a hybrid course (HY)?

A hybrid course may include both face-to-face interactions and online teaching components and learning activities. How a hybrid course is facilitated will depend on many variables, including the course topic, the class size, the current environment, expert guidance, etc.

What is an interactive audio/video course (AV)?

These courses are taught remotely with real-time online class meetings with the instructor. The class will meet at a designated time with two-way exchange capabilities between the instructor and students.

What is an internet course (IN)?

Internet course content is strictly delivered online. Some proctored exams may be required but there are no other requirements that are place bound. Regular interactions between you and your instructor are a part of the teaching and learning process online.