Advising Is Required to Register for Classes

Engineering students are required to meet with an advisor every semester.

Course registration begins at the end of October and March. You are required to meet with an advisor to have your pin cleared to register for classes. Please make an appointment with your advisor to talk about your courses and get your pin cleared.


Advisors have drop-in’s once or twice a week during the semester and extended times the first week of school and the first week of registration. See your advisor’s weekly email for days and times each week. These are 5-7 minutes long and intended to provide assistance for unexpected situations, quick questions, referrals to campus departments and resources, or approving a schedule provided by the student.


During these 20-minute session, students and advisors can discuss aspirations, academic plans, removing advising pins, sharing resources for support, complete forms (ROTC, International, etc.), and establish a timeline for completing a degree.

E-Advising Forms (Allow 3-5 Business Days)

Students who are in good standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) and know the classes they plan to take can complete an electronic form. Their advisor will review the form, answer questions, make any corrections needed and approve the form. If the form submitted is determine inaccurate or shows the student needs additional assistance it will be denied.

E-Advising Form for Students at 70 % or more in their Degree Progress Bar in DegreeWorks.

E-Advsing Form for Students at 69 % or less in their Degree Progress Bar in DegreeWorks.