The Freshman Engineering Program at The University of Alabama is the designated engineering program for incoming freshman students as well as new transfer students to The University of Alabama’s College of Engineering. This comprehensive program enhances the sense of community and belonging by the students and improves the instruction of and the introduction to the disciplines of engineering and computer science.

Through the FEP, we offer a small school atmosphere supported by all the resources of a large university. Also associated with the FEP are courses in calculus, chemistry, English and physics. The overarching goal is for students to be excited about a career in engineering or computer science and be prepared with the core knowledge in math, science, English and engineering to be successful in their later years on campus.

All engineering and computer science majors take a common first-year program that:

  • Introduces students to the fields of engineering and computer science
  • Ensures that all students have the skill sets necessary to successfully complete their second-year engineering courses
  • Illustrates the relevance of mathematics and science to the field of engineering

As a UA College of Engineering freshman, you will take a common four hours of courses designed to introduce you to the major themes of engineering and computer science. You will be immediately working in teams on multiple design projects testing your math and science skills and building your teamwork capabilities. These classes also help you build a support network of classmates integral to your academic success.

For more specific information on the courses during common freshmen year, visit The University of Alabama Undergraduate Catalog.

For additional information about the Freshman Engineering Program, contact Bridgette Monk.

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