The Advising Policy

Advising in the College of Engineering is mandatory. Students must meet with or communicate with their assigned advisor using one of the methods outlined below at least once per semester in order to have their schedule approved for registration and advising pin removed. Students are encouraged to check their Crimson email account regularly for updates from their advisor regarding their advising options, important dates and other pertinent information.

The Advising Policy for Upperclassmen

Students at 70 percent or more in their Degree Progress Bar in DegreeWorks are required to make an in-person appointment or fill out the Degree Completion Advising form EVERY semester regardless of graduation application status. These two options serve as a pre-graduation audit to ensure accurate and timely information for graduation. Students who are at 70 percent and away from campus because of a co-op, internship or studying abroad should fill out the Degree Completion Advising form or contact their assigned advisor via email to schedule a phone appointment.

Students are encouraged to apply for graduation a semester before their intended graduation date.

Submit Degree Completion Plan

Types of Advising

There are four ways students can complete required semester advising:

Individual Zoom Appointments

  • Individual Zoom appointments are 20-minute meetings with your advisor via Zoom and are used for semester and/or degree planning, co-op discussions, study abroad planning and addressing any other academic goals and interests.
  • Your advisor will be able to use tools like Degreeworks, digital flowcharts, advising forms, and other online resources to address your needs.
  • Appointment slots fill quickly so it is important to schedule appointments early!
  • Students can schedule appointments:
    • Online
    • By calling 205-348-0750
  • After you schedule your appointment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the Zoom link for your meeting. Be sure to add the meeting and the link to your calendar so you don’t forget!
  • Be on time! Students more than 7 minutes late to an appointment will be asked to reschedule.
  • Please cancel or reschedule if you know you will be unable to attend an appointment so the slot can go to another student.

Virtual Drop-ins

  • Each week your advisor will send out his or her drop-in availability for the week with a Zoom link for the session(s).
  • Students will be seen individually on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Drop-in sessions will have a capacity to ensure that all students can be seen during the allotted time window. If you receive a message that the session is full, follow up with your advisor for future availability.
  • Drop-in advising is for students with immediate needs that can be addressed with a short conversation. Drop-ins can also be used to approve your advising plan for the next semester if you know what you need to take and need a quick review from your advisor.
  • Drop-ins should average 5-8 minutes in length per student.
  • You should be prepared with any information or materials needed when you arrive.
  • If you are require additional time, your advisor may ask you to schedule an appointment to better address your concerns.

Individual Appointments

  • Individual appointments are scheduled for 20 minutes and are used for semester and/or degree planning, co-op discussions, study abroad planning and addressing any other academic goals and interests.
  • It is imperative to schedule appointments early.
  • Students can schedule appointments:
    • Online
    • In-person at 2087 H.M. Comer Hall
    • By calling 205-348-0750
  • If you have issues scheduling an appointment online, you can call the Brasfield & Gorrie Engineering Advising Center.
  • Students more than 5 minutes late to an appointment will be asked to reschedule.
  • Please cancel or reschedule if you know you will be unable to attend an appointment so the slot can go to another student.


  • Students who have completed 75 percent or more of their degree requirements are NOT allowed to use the E-advising option. You must schedule an in-person appointment or use the Degree Completion Advising form.
  • Students opting to complete E-Advising should have an academic plan in mind and simply need their advising pin lifted.
  • Course Information section: The Course ID format is course abbreviation and section number, for example EN 102. Click “Add” for additional courses.
  • Student Comments section: Be concise and to the point with your academic plans, interests and goals to help your advisor learn more about you.
  • All sections of the E-Advising form must be complete or the form will be denied. Type the student’s name in the student signature section.
  • Your E-Advising form will not be accepted if you do not follow these instructions.
  • During peak advising, the turnaround period for E-Advising forms can take between five to seven business days.

Group Advising

  • Group Advising is conducted when advisors are invited to attend select engineering courses to review the core and engineering curriculum.
  • First, students are provided their major flowchart and instructed to mark it according to their completed academic history and their current course schedule.
  • Next, students identify courses they intend to take for the upcoming semester.
  • Lastly, advisors review students’ plans for accuracy, offer feedback/recommendations, and both the students and advisors sign the plan.
  • Once the advisor has completed a final review of each student’s academic plan, advising pins will be removed.

Course Request Form for College of Engineering

Please complete this form for temporary registration assistance with College of Engineering courses while completing transfer work for prerequisites at other institutions. This form is for fall or spring semesters.

Failure to complete the outlined requirements listed on the form will result in the denial of permission to enroll in requested course(s). An approved request may be revoked at any time by the student’s assigned advisor, ESS/AAC staff, or the Dean’s Office. Be sure to complete all steps to avoid registration issues:

Course Request Form

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