Definition of Advising

The National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) identifies numerous definitions of advising and how advising serves to enrich students’ educational experiences. One of the definitions states: “Advising is a process in which adviser and advisee enter a dynamic relationship respectful of the student’s concerns. Ideally, the adviser serves as teacher and guide in an interactive partnership aimed at enhancing the student’s self-awareness and fulfillment.” – O’Banion, T. (1972). An academic advising model. Junior College Journal, 42, 62-69.

Our History

Prior to the development of the College of Engineering Academic Advising Center, the responsibility of advising students in class selection and degree progress fell solely on the engineering faculty. Rapid growth in the College led to the development of the Advising Center to allow professional advisers to see students and give the College faculty more freedom to be available for defining course content, offering career advice and encouraging participation in research.

The College of Engineering Academic Advising Center was created in 2012, under the direction of Gregory Singleton. At that time, the Advising Center staff consisted of four professional advisors responsible for advising all students within the College, but as growth continued, more professional advisors were needed to better serve our students.

Today, the Advising Center staff consists of ten professional advisors. Because of the increase in both advisors and students, advising assignments changed from simply alphabetical changed to a Departmental Advising Model—meaning students are assigned to an advisor based on their major. The Departmental Advising Model keeps advisors and students more accountable for curriculum and graduation requirements. In addition, this advising model allows advisers to serve as liaisons between students and faculty, strengthening the overall advising experience.

The Advising Center staff strives to grow in knowledge to continue providing a supportive environment for all of our students, faculty and staff.